About Us


Whine: The Journey

Our journey started two years ago as an awakening of sorts. A freak car accident uncovered a rare cancer diagnosis. The road to recovery sparked a new sense of urgency to experience life NOW versus purely just surviving (i.e.: going through the motions of the daily grind). Our new family mission is to craft memories and connections in place of a life filled with stuff.  


Wander: Chasing Waterfalls

We intentionally let go of the proverbial "American dream" (corporate careers, nice house, new cars, etc.) and moved in to a 32' motorhome. We downsized from 3500 square feet to about 200 square feet of living space with 3 kids, 3 dogs, and 3 cats!  We are currently wandering through the United States with few true destinations in mind and would love to make your acquaintance.


Wine: Beautiful things in life are not just things

Our 8 year-old daughter often taps our shoulders and gives us the reminder "look at the beautiful sunset." It's these seemingly small moments where we are truly present.  Whether it's a tangerine sky, a billowing cloud, a perfect cup of coffee,  a monarch butterfly, or a deep red glass of wine; we want to pause and live in the moment.

Meet the Crew

The Parents


Steve and Angie

Steve and I grew up on different planets-Steve a native Californian and Angie a former Wisconsinite. We have been married for 10 years and have been busy collecting kids and animals.  We naively dream that somewhere along this journey we can finally take a long-overdue honeymoon.  Steve is the resident photographer, licensed drone pilot, and road warrior.  I take on the challenges of travel agent, chef, and editor. Both of us speak fluent sarcasm and have wanderlust in our blood. We are polar opposites in nearly all other aspects. For example, Steve subscribes to the bacon culture while I am team veggie. This makes ordering pizzas twice as expensive.  We are new to the concept of road schooling and will learn as we go. We give ourselves and our kiddos permission to fail..and fail often.    

The Kiddos


Nyree, Olivia, and Bella 

  • Nyree is 12 years old and was born in the Denver area. She aspires to be a movie star and looks up to Maia Mitchell's character on her favorite TV show "The Fosters."  Nyree may also have a huge crush on Bruno Mars (shhh don't tell)
  • Olivia and Bella are 8 year-old fraternal twins.  According to Olivia, she was dropped on our doorstep in California by storks.  She loves all things sports and only wears her hair in a mohawk. Her favorite song is "The Middle" by Zedd, Maren Morris, and Grey.
  • Bella is twin B and also 8 years old.  Bella is an artist and fashionista. She enjoys anything sung by"Becca" from the Pitch Perfect movies. She hopes to work with horses and have an ice cream shop that specializes in all chocolate flavors.

The Woofs


Karma and Ghia

It's true, greyhounds are 35mph couch potatoes. Karma and Ghia love to run on the beach and then take a long nap.

The Purrs


Egon, Zuul, Mason, and Spectre

Egon is a Selkirk Rex and is best known for stalking his humans 24/7.  Bengal Zuul acts like the mama of the bunch and she has a unique talent--turning on faucets.  Mason is a dare devil and hangs from dangerously high places.